How to Play ‘Save the Princess!’

 Do you know how to save the Princess? Become a Prince in ‘Save the Princess’ and you will learn how. You will need to go through three levels. Level 1 is ‘The Spooky Woods’, level 2 is The ‘Mysterious Maze’ and level 3 is called ‘Save Me Save Me.’


           First, you will have to get through level one- The Spooky Maze. The main point of this level is to find your way out of the woods by getting to the star. You (Prince) have to fight off the monsters. Next, you’ll need to collect all the points. They are hidden every where. When you reach the star you completed level one. That’s not all there is lots more to come! Therefore, good luck on level one.


            Next, you’ll have to get through level two- The Mysterious Maze. In the game you will have to find your way through the maze. There are so many twists and turns! Then on the way collect the points and watch out for monsters. The monsters are every where look out. After you collect all the points then try to get past the monsters around the stars! When you get to the stars and collected all the points you have completed the level. Therefore, have fun trying to beat level two.


            Lastly, you will have to beat the final level called ‘Save Me! Save Me!’ You will have to collect the points and stay away from the guards. The guards block the way to saving the Princess. In level three you will be challenged to save her. But you must do it before the time runs out! Lastly, you only have 5 lives to get to her. So don’t let the guards take them all away or you’ll start all over. Therefore, have fun trying to win the game!


            In conclusion, you must try to save the Princess, if you can! You will go through the three levels. Level one- The Spooky Woods, Level two- The Mysterious Maze and Level three- Save Me! Save Me! Good luck trying to save the Princess!