Top 5 Songs!

 Top 5 Songs!

My 1st  favorite song is California Gurls. It is sung by Katy Perry and featuring Snoop Dogg. I like her voice and the beat to the song. Also it is catchy to listen to the beat. Here is a picture.

 My 2nd favorite song is Eenie Meenie. It is by Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston. I like it because they both are really good singers. Also that they sound really good together. Here is a picture of them!

 My 3rd favorite song is Teenage Dream! It is by Katy Perry. It is a good song because she has a really good voice! Also that she is a good writer. (songs) Here is a picture!

 My 4th favorite song is Dinosaur. It is by Ke$ha. She has a good voice.  I also like the sound and meaning of the song, it is funny! Here is a picture.


 My 5th favorite song is Beep. It is by The Pussy Cat Dolls, featuring They are a good group together. It sounds really awesome. The music they play is great! here is a picture!

Link to five worst songs

19 thoughts on “Top 5 Songs!

  1. My favorite songs: (it’s a dead tie between a lot) Simple and Clean, Lord of the Castle, Dirge of the Forteenth, the Other Promise, Destati, Santuary, Friends in my heart, Fight to the Death, Another Side Another Story, Hikari PLANITB remix ~short version~, Passion ~After Battle~, Santuary single version, hikari orchestra, passion orchestra, and Dearly Beloved (There are probably more but I can’t currently think of them)

  2. This is a great post, Brenna! I’ve only heard of Katy Perry once. Is her hair actually purple, or is that just a wig??? My favorite songs are by some korean singers, the Beatles, pop songs, and mostly classical music.

  3. Hi Brenna, I like #1 but it’s getting old. I think that you were being stupid when you picked your number 2. (: #3 is good. #4 is okay. And I have never heard #5. Comment back(: Emily

  4. Wow! I like those songs, too! I guess we have a lot in common! 🙂 Feel free to visit my blog (click my pic) and we can chat!
    See ya (or…type ya) later!

  5. Ok I am sorry I don’t like listening to a 12 year old girl singing like a dying weasel, and singing about a “baby” he has never had. If you hadn’t noticed like everyone in this class has that as there #1 least favoritre song.

  6. First if all I don’t stare at you. Second of all I didn’t call you stupid I call the choice stupid. And lastly, your not any better than anyone else so stop acting like it.

  7. I’m not a BIG pop fan. I prefer blues/jazz/ mostly classical music, but SOME pop songs are good.

  8. Hi, lets just forget this. We are getting in a fight about something stupid. We should just know even if we don’t like same songs it doesn’t matter.

  9. Yeah I am sorry about that. And when I said something about your clothes I wasn’t pointing it toward you I just personally hate jeggings, so I am sorry about that too.

  10. Did you have a good New Year’s and Christmas? I did. How are you? We haven’t talked (typed, you know what I mean) in a while.

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